I drew this comic back when I was in community college in 2009. It’s based on the song, “Personal”, by Stars, from the album In Our Bedroom After The War, which I used to listen to almost every day when I was driving to and from school.

Looking back at this drawing, my spelling isn’t great, and I got some of the lyrics wrong, but that’s ok. I just stumbled across it on my drive recently and decided to color it since I’ve learned so much more about photoshop and color theory since then. It was a fun exercise and I’m happy with how it turned out. Such a sad song.

I have such a love/hate relationship with school. Like, I soooo so love learning new things and broadening my mind and whatever, and my teachers are brilliant and amazing. But at the same time I hate the homework and the papers and the exams and all that cuz I just get stressed out about deadlines and in my free time I end up just escaping into television mostly. And it’s just so frustrating because a have a million ideas for my own personal projects and aspirations/ambitions but I feel like I have no energy or time to work on the things I love and am truly interested in.

I just gotta keep telling myself it’s just one more year 😣😞